I bought a ticket but I didn't get it or the instructions? Should I get a separate ticket in addition to the receipt?
You are automatically sent an e-mail containing your ticket and instructions, after you have completed the purchase. Unfortunately it often goes to spam folder, so please check youre spam and you will probably find it there!
What is this?
Underneath is an immersive, participatory performance. The show takes the form of a labyrinthine pathway under the ground in a public shelter. Each audience member steps inside alone, and along the path you will meet performers, artworks, contemporary circus and music. The performance has no scripted storyline, but rather the artwork grows into a different, personal journey with each participant. Underneath is a visit to another dimension, where – along with art – you will face yourself in peace.
Is the performance accessible?
Unfortunately the performance is not accessible because of the space. There are long stairways, narrow hallways, and other places that can be a little difficult to pass. There are also dimly lit parts, blinking lights and loud sounds at times. You can get earplugs at the entrance. Please, be in touch if you have questions about the space and accessibility. We will do our best to cater to your needs!
How can I get tickets? How much do they cost?
You can find the tickets on the show’s site . The tickets will be available first for the September’s shows. You can also reserve tickets for the later shows by e-mail hello@recoverlaboratory.com or by contacting us on Facebook . If there are tickets, you can also come to ask them from the door. The normal ticket is 35 euros and the discount ticket for students, unemployed, retired and military servants 25 euros.
How should I dress? Is there a cloakroom?
Wear comfortable and warm clothes and comfortable shoes. It is a little chilly in the cave, so wear a jacket. Don’t take large bags with you. You can leave your belongings with us at the entrance of the public shelter.
How do I find Underneath?
You will get instructions for arrival as you purchase the ticket. The performance is held in an underground public air raid shelter in Meilahti beneath Valpurinpuisto Park in Helsinki. Please arrive to Valuprinpuisto 5 and you will see us.
What is the duration of the performance?
The duration depends on your own pace. Approximately an hour, but it can also be longer or shorter depending on you.
What am I allowed to do? Do I need to participate if I don’t want to?
Here, the freedom is yours. You can observe life inside the labyrinth either from a distance or just pass by, or even engage with the performers. The choices are yours. You can touch the artworks unless it is especially prohibited. Respect other people’s personal space. Behave like a decent human being. Do not talk. Do not turn back once you have made a choice of taking a certain path.
Audience members are let inside one by one. Do I see other people along the way? How should I react to them? Can I meet my friend inside the labyrinth?
In the performances of Recover Laboratory you have the unique possibility to experience art on your own, in peace. We strongly advise you to keep this moment for just you. You may meet other audience members on your way, and we ask you to respect their personal experience with silence. You can pass by others, and they can pass by you, each journey is different. You can spend as long as you wish in different parts of the labyrinth, take your time. You can stay behind and wait for your friend, but do not engage in conversation. Consider really being alone with the artwork.
Is the show scary? Is there jump scares?
The performance can feel a little scary at times for some participants, because you are not in the safety of a traditional theater stand. You are let inside alone, and you get to move around in the sometimes dim space alone, not knowing what is behind the next corner. The performance is NOT made to be scary though. All the characters inside the labyrinth (performer that you meet along the path) are curious and safe, they do not seek to spook you. If you feel scared or anxious, stop for a while and take a deep breath. You can always approach a performer, and they will help you on. There are no jump-scares in the show: rather, the journey is beautiful and safe. You can participate at the level of involvement that you feel comfortable with. You can make contact with the characters, or just observe from a distance. The freedom and responsibility are yours.
Can I get lost in the labyrinth? What if I want to go out?
At some point you might lose the sense of direction, but we advice you to enjoy the feeling. You are safe. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, you can engage with the performer and they will show you to the right direction to find your way out. Everyone is welcome to walk at their own pace.
I am late, what now?
Unfortunately we cannot accomodate to late arrivals. If you are late, contact us and we can try find you another time slot.
Can I have a few drinks before the show?
No guests are let inside in an intoxicated state. The organiser of the event has the right to refuse entry for persons who seem clearly intoxicated, or otherwise behave in a suspicious/uncontrollable way, in order to guarantee the safety of other audience members and the performers.
Why is the age limit 18 years old?
The themes and the atmosphere of the show are designed for adults. We cannot allow children inside the performance because audience members walk through it alone. Each person is responsible for themselves and for their own experience, and also for respecting other people’s experience and peace inside the labyrinth.
Is there a toilet at the venue?
One guest toilet can be found inside the labyrinth. You can use it during you walk in the public shelter, but remember that you cannot turn back to find it again.
Who is responsible for safety at the event?
Recover Laboratory Ry is in charge of safety during the performance. The safety plan is consulted by the Rescue Department of Helsinki. Our crew is trained to work in different and difficult performance spaces. We are glad to answer any questions you may have about safety at the performance.
Who funds the performance?
The performance has been realised with finances from a production grant from Circus Info Finland, a grant from Helsinki City, private funding from Sokanen Oy:n, and ticket sales. In addition to this, many collaborations have enabled the event, including the Rescue Department of Helsinki, our big crew and supporters who believe in the artwork
How was the labyrinth born? Who builds it? Who lives in it? How often does this happen?
Recover Laboratory was born in 2014, when our director Miradonna Sirkka, who studied circus at the University of Applied Sciences in Turku at the time, wanted to take circus out of the black box, and create a performance where the audience has the freedom. After this visual artist Sofi Häkkinen joined RecLab as the artistic director, and experience designer / producer Inna Huttunen took on Recover Laboratory a year later. Labyrinths have been built every year since 2014: in Turku, Helsinki and Stockholm. The trio forms the core of Recover Laboratory, and the rest of the crew is chosen depending on the needs of the space and the artwork. You can find a list of the whole crew here . Recover Laboratory aims to create a big labyrinth every year in different spaces, and also to produce other artworks and experiences.