On stage // Aerial acrobatics in conduct tape & drumming cardboard boxes
Silver duct tape stretches from the ceiling and wraps around the towers of cardboard boxes on the floor; reaches out from walls and the floor. Two performers enter the space, and start playing with everything in sight; the drummer beats the boxes and gently strokes them with makeshift sticks; the circus artist does aerial acrobatics hanging from the duct tape. They trash the sculpture installation with joy and passion, creating a new work from the chaos and destruction.
First, the visual artist builds a sculpture installation of cardboard boxes and duct tape, that takes up the whole room / or the stage. The tape stretches from the ceiling and wraps around the towers of cardboard boxes, walls and floor. Then the performing artists enter this spiderweb; a musician and a circus artist. They use the material of the installation to create sound and movement. They trash the sculpture installation made by the artist, who is also the director of the piece.
The performers seem to be playing in the sculpture, destroying it and simultaneously trying to disturb each other’s movement, creating a chaos that only ends with exhaustion and final stillness. At times the usage of equipments can be harsh and at times very gentle. The performers work their way through the whole installation, and when they leave, the sculpture installation is not destroyed, but a different work of art.
Performers: Aleksi Kinnunen, Miradonna Sirkka
Direction and visual artist: Sofi Häkkinen
Technical Info
Duration The duration of the performance can vary. A 1 – 1,5 h performance contains the building of the sculpture by the artist, and the the destroying of it by the performers. A 15 – 30 min performance only contains the destroying performance, the artist will create the sculpture in the space beforehand.
Audience Circular or frontal public. No interaction. All ages
Location Indoor space. One or more aerial rigging points (500kg). Possibility to tape on ceiling and walls.
Space Minimum 5 x 5 meters, height minimum 4 meters.
Floor Any kind
Preparation 2 h to build, 1 h to take down
The work has been supported by Tesa.