On stage // Pole & Video
The room is dark with a figure standing next to a pole. A projection of white text suddenly flows on the figure’s skin, illuminating the space in a digital glow, as the figure starts to move, attached to the pole.
In this first artistic collaboration of Finnish Pole Champion Annemari Kivinimiemi (the Professional Senior’s Series in 2018) and contemporary artist Sofi Häkkinen, pole dancing is combined with video art.
The figure moving on the pole feels the space around them, dressing itself in the digital words flowing in the space. The words come from a video projection. The figure disappears in the digital flow, making it a part of them without leaving a permanent mark in the binary nebula. Testing different options and positions, while all the time being aware of the insignificance of any final decision. Only the passing moment becomes important. Half way there is enough, and there is always a change to decide something else.
Performer: Annemari Kiviniemi
Director and video art: Sofi Häkkinen
Technical info
Duration 10 min (can be performed 1-3 times during an event at an hour’s intervals)
Equipments Movable pole dancing pole, video projector
Audience Frontal public. Not interactive. All ages. No participant limit.
Location Indoor
Space Indoor space, minimum 3 x 3 meters wide and 3 meters high. Must be able to darken the space for the video projection.
Floor Any hard and even material for the mobile pole
Sound P.A. system is required. The P.A. should be a high quality one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound.
Preparation 2 hr to build up, 1 hr to take down
Other Space for warming up
The work has been supported by Taike - Art Promotion Center Finland.