100 000 000 %
On Stage
A reality show for hoops and drums

We run, jump, spin the hoops, crawl, get shocks, improvise, think nothing, throw, get exhausted, stare, listen very carefully and drum around.
100 000 000 % is an hour long performance – a reality show for hoops and drums, designed for black box. It is directed by a visual artist Sofi Häkkinen and performed by a circus artist Miradonna Sirkka and a musician Aleksi Kinnunen. The artwork will premiere in 2020, in Cirko, Helsinki.
An absurd surrealism hangs in the performance space, leaving behind a meditative feeling. You will see pure raw movement and connection without words. All the set pieces are artworks. You will get a different kind of idea of what happens when circus, music and visual arts are combined.
The show will be held at midnight during the magical midnight sun in Finland! Get your tickets here!
The performance is formed by three scenes connected by interludes. We combine the overflowing dramatic black and gold aesthetics of the Baroque era to minimalistic and mundane visuality of the post-modern everyday life. We put the trashy hula hoops into the elevated context of a baroque concerto, accompanied by the modern avant-garde drumming style with the latest electronic drum technology. The two performers and equipments compete with each other, try to disturb each other, join each other in flowing harmony, and the run side by side as one before falling apart again. The baroque style concerto form gives a skeleton for the performance, on top of which we add pulsating flesh that tears and pumps into every direction.
The performance consists of three parts: Balance, Journey From Kajaani to the Moon and Moonquake
I. Balance
Exposition of Balance happens in total darkness. Only the performance space is used for sound by the performers: the walls, floors, radiators and such. After the exposition, a tranquil development part escalates slowly into a harmonious climax, and finally back into the darkness (recapitulation part). Through this, we search a total harmony between performers.
II. Journey From Kajaani to the Moon
An imaginary journey from the small Finnish town of Kajaani, all the way to the Moon. During the journey we experience train wrecks, loss of gravity, moonquakes, rattle and electric shocks. The performers are consciously letting go of their artist’s self-censorship and self-consciousness. This part is all about the explosive energy, loudness and powerful tension between the performers and their instruments.
This dark, minimalistic and hypnotic piece starts when a shiny, golden hoop and a mysterious rock descend slowly from the ceiling. The performers seem vaguely surprised. The other one starts to spin the hoop, and every time the golden hoop hits the stomach it produces a bizarre sound. The static electronic murmur of the hoop is then accompanied by the drums in an increasing manner, using sensors which turn the acoustic drum set into a synthesized melodic instrument.
Technical info
Duration 60 minutes
Equipments Acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, bells, round and spiral plastic tubes, rock/stone, plastic chairs, metal hula hoops, contact microphone, sunrise video, sunglasses, sound sources of the current space.
Sound P.A. system is required. The P.A. should be a high quality one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound.
Audience Frontal public. Not interactive. Aimed to audiences over 15 years but is suitable also for all ages.
Location Black box. Should be one that can be darkened totally.
Space Minimum 6 x 6 meters wide and 2,5 meters high
Floor Hard, stable, clean, dry surface
Preparation 2 hours, 1 hour to take down
Other Space for warming up