100 000 000 %

A reality show for hoops and drums

Recover Laboratory’s new show made for a traditional stage is called 100 000 000 %! It is a two-performer reality show for hoops and drums directed by a visual artist. They really do give one hundred million percent in this show. The artwork will premiere in 2020, in Cirko, Helsinki.
Together the visual artist Sofi Häkkinen, circus artist Miradonna Sirkka, and musician Aleksi Kinnunen have put together a show that looks like a durational exhibition on stage. First you see one artwork, one scene, then they slide in to the next one - and so on. The performance follows the familiar form of a reality show: there is a structure of tasks, a bit of interviews, but anything can happen at any time. Every show is different, as familiar know from live TV.
The trio wanted to put their weirdest and funniest thoughts on stage, things that made them laugh and get excited. They also wanted to go to the other side of all the glamour often associated with stage performers. They are shown as they are: real and a bit trashy. They do their best but the struggle is real.
There is a duo on stage, who support each other with their incredible connection, but at the same time tease each other like children, and sometimes hate each other because they didn’t act the way the other wanted them to, so of course blame the other. The bickering related to making an artwork and a show is real. They sweat, get red and exhausted. Performance is like extreme sports: it's tough but afterwards you are rewarded.
The visual artist director has been spying on the circus artist’s and the musician’s training and performing from the outside for years and years and hours and hours. Through the chaos and sweat and rewards and cursing, the fine artist sees the beauty in the process – not in the outcome. She puts together the visual side of the show, too, bringing the freedom of visual art into the music, circus and movement. Together the three of us give the audience a perfect combination of a certain extremity, speed, awkwardness, beauty, boring things, support, and meditative and horrible situations on stage. The three are very close to each other and that is why this show is the best and the worst it can be.
100 000 000 % combines traditional drumming and the newest electronic drum technology with shape-shifting hoops, sweaty movement, and wonderfully ugly reality-show-styled video art. The piece brings together our experience of human contact (which we have accumulated in our immersive and site-specific labyrinths ) and the traditional stage situation.
There is also a brilliant producer in our behind-the-scenes-team, Inna Huttunen. She makes sense of our all-over-the-place way of creating, and adds her experience design nuances to the artworks. If you are interested in this show, contact her.

Come witness what happens on this real life reality show made in front of the audience's eyes, on stage.

Duration is 60 minutes. Tickets: 30 / 18 €. Suitable for 15 years and older. The show does not apologise for existing, and it is not interactive - audience is seated in a traditional stand.
The show will be held at midnight during the magical midnight sun in Finland! Get your tickets here!
Technical info
Duration 60 minutes
Equipments We bring acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, round and spiral plastic tubes, a stone, plastic chairs, metal hoops, a contact microphone, reality tv videos.
Sound & Video High quality P.A. system is required; one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound. One good quality video projector with an HDMI input.
Audience Frontal public. Not interactive. Aimed to audiences over 15 years but is suitable also for all ages.
Location Black box. A full black out needed. Minimum 6 x 6 m wide and 3 m high. Hard, stable, clean, and dry floor surface.
Preparation 2 hours, 1 hour to take down
Other Space for warming up
Direction & visual elements:
Sofi Häkkinen

Miradonna Sirkka (hoops)
Aleksi Kinnunen (drums)

Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory
This show travels light and easy!
Contact Inna Huttunen for bookings by email:
The artwork has been supported by TAIKE, City of Helsinki, Cirko - Center for New Cirkus and Cirkör LAB.