100 000 000 %

A reality show for hoops and drums
A competition for Attention

100 000 000% by Recover Laboratory is a reality show for two performers - refereed by a visual artist. The show has absorbed inspiration from, among other things, reality TV. The contestants take the stage to compete for attention – both from the audience and from the referee – and they do indeed give one hundred million percent. The competitor’s instruments in this absurd competition, which at times looks like an art exhibition, are hoops and drums.
The artwork gives the viewer an accurate collection of momentum, embarrassment, real surrealism, beauty, boring stuff, solidarity, and both meditative and horrific situations. Among all the chaos and the incidental curse words, the visual artist sees beauty in the process – and perhaps not so much in the outcome. She makes the performers compete against each other, occasionally taking impulses from the audience as well.
Come witness what happens in a reality show that is performed live in front of your eyes. Each performance is its own episode. Each performance season is its own season. Come vote for the winner! Premiering 2021 at Cirko, tickets out soon!
Duration is 60 minutes. Suitable for 15 years and older. The show does not apologise for existing, and it is not interactive - audience is seated in a traditional stand.
Technical info
Duration 60 minutes
Equipments We bring acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, round and spiral plastic tubes, a stone, plastic chairs, metal hoops, a contact microphone, reality tv videos.
Sound & Video High quality P.A. system is required; one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound. One good quality video projector with an HDMI input.
Audience Frontal public. Not interactive. Aimed to audiences over 15 years but is suitable also for all ages.
Location Black box. A full black out needed. Minimum 6 x 6 m wide and 3 m high. Hard, stable, clean, and dry floor surface.
Preparation 2 hours, 1 hour to take down
Other Space for warming up
Direction & visual elements:
Sofi Häkkinen

Miradonna Sirkka (hoops)
Aleksi Kinnunen (drums)

Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory
This show travels light and easy!
Contact Inna Huttunen for bookings by email:
The artwork has been supported by TAIKE, City of Helsinki, Cirko - Center for New Cirkus and Cirkör LAB.