For Kids // Immersive Wonderland
Step inside an invisible submarine to dive into the wondrous deep seas! Hold your breath for a second, and all of a sudden the everyday world around transforms into an underwater wonderland. The white, minimalistic sculptures on the sea bed humm softly, and the glittering jellyfish might jump across the room when you touch them. Sometimes you get a visit by two artists of the ocean, who show their funniest tricks with hoops and drums.
For kids and the young at heart! An immersive art and circus installation, that can be built into any kind of space.
In Mönttilaiva, kids can dive into the magical, bubbly underwater wonderland, where they can experience contemporary art. They can touch, participate, look and imagine. The immersive installation consists of interactive jellyfish sculptures, softly humming Möntti-sculptures (those white lumps!), and of a circus and drumming performance; at regular intervals, Mönttilaiva is visited by a fun and engaging hoop manipulation and drumming performance.
Mönttilaiva offers a fun platform for kids to develop their own thoughts, meanings, and games. In its light minimalism, the installation leaves space for the audience’s own imagination – as opposed to a pre-narrated story. It provides a gentle counterbalance to our hectic everyday life and constant flow of visual stimuli that we are subjected to.
Performers: Aleksi Kinnunen, Miradonna Sirkka
Video and sculpture: Sofi Häkkinen
Technical info
Duration Immersive installation with no duration; 10 min performance at agreed times
Equipments Hula hoops and percussion
Sound P.A. system is required. The P.A. should be a high quality one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound.
Audience For children and all ages. As many as your space fits. Interaction not required, but very much possible if desired.
Location Any indoor location (corridor, classroom, storage, black box etc.), electricity, possibility to hang very light jellyfish sculptures from the ceiling
Space 10m2-50m2
Floor Any kind
Preparation 2 hr to build up, 1 hr to take down
Other Space for warming up