Since Recover Laboratory is a small organization, we have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations fast. This is why we see it as our duty to bring art to this time, and not only during times of happiness and peace of mind. Art is not a luxury good, that is only available when times are OK. It has an important part to play in society, which obligates it to find new ways of action also in times of a crisis. Responsibility and safety is important for us. Read more about the “Evening Walk” here. On this page you will find the instructions related to COVID-19 and answers to other frequently asked questions.
How have you taken care of the physical distancing regulations?
In this site-specific performance, each audience member walks the route alone with the help of a map. Along the way they encounter small performances in the public space. The artwork is designed and will be executed so that the regulations of physical distancing are adhered to. Everyone has their own specific time when they start the evening walk, so that there are no crowds at any of the performance spots along the way. Physical distancing regulations are reinforced at all times, and the audience won’t be near the performers. In this artwork, contact is based on speech, sight, body movements and communication devices.
How do I take care of safety as a participant?
Do not attend if you have or have just had flu symptoms. Do not attend if someone in your household has or has just had flu symptoms.
Do not touch the artworks or objects in the city. When you are walking outside remember to keep the physical distance and stay at least 2 meter apart from people. Avoid crowds. Remember the proper hand washing technique and wear gloves throughout the entire performance. Remember the proper way to cough and sneeze: into your elbow - NOT your hands or towards people.
Take care that you obey the instructions from THL, that you can find here
Is the performance accessible?
The performance happens on the streets of the city, and the participants move on the sidewalks. Please contact us if you have any questions related to accessibility, and we will do our best to accommodate you!
What should I wear? Is there a cloakroom? What about a toilet?
The performance happens outside, in the city. There won’t be a cloakroom or a toilet. Please prepare like you would be going on an evening walk.
What can I do? Am I required to participate or interact?
Please follow the route and obey the given instructions. You do not need to interact, if you wish not to, but you are able to communicate with the performances, would you wish so. Please do not touch the artwork or the elements of the city to minimize the infection risk.
Can I have a few cocktails before the show?
We cannot let any intoxicated people to take part of the performance to ensure the safety of them and others.
Who is in charge of the safety?
The responsible organizer of the performance is Recover Laboratory. Every participant agrees to follow the rules and act responsibly in the cityscape.
You’re saying that everybody participates alone. Could I take a friend anyway? What if I get lost?
In the performances of Recover Laboratory you have the unique possibility to experience art on your own, in peace. You will see other people on the streets. Unfortunately you cannot participate with a friend, so that we minimize any physical contacts. If this situation changes, we will inform you. You will get a map with the route and a phone number, which you can contact, would any need appear. We’re here for you.
Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at