A multidisciplinary art walk
in public space
15.5. & 16.5.

Wait a minute.. Why does this familiar city feel a bit different today? Something is lurking in the window of an apartment building as I walk by. What was that? I keep on walking, I hear music, I see a sports field where someone is playing...but wait. That game looks a bit bizarre? I start following the route that the curious characters have made for me. There is someone wrapped in a floating plastic veil in the park. I continue downhill, past the street construction where the road is torn open, and there it is again: another Being, another circus performance, another glance and another movement. The city embraces these wonderful characters, showing eagerly it's more bizarre side!
Welcome to the Evening Walk!
We want to give people some joy, hope, distant contact and art, during this time of crisis. We will bring Recover Laboratory’s beloved immersive labyrinth into the daylight and into the city! It takes the form of a mellow evening walk with physical distancing.
This artwork is a collection of scenes that have been adapted into the public space. In this site-specific performance, each audience member walks the route alone with the help of a map. Along the way they encounter small performances in the public space. The artwork is designed and will be executed so that the regulations of physical distancing are adhered to. During this evening walk you will encounter contemporary circus, performance, music, and dance.
The audience walks a specific route in the heart of Kallio-Merihaka-Suvilahti. When you purchase a ticket, you get a map with instructions and performance places. Everyone has their own specific time when they start the evening walk, so that there are no crowds at any of the performance spots along the way. Physical distancing regulations are reinforced at all times, and the audience won’t be near the performers. In this artwork, contact is based on speech, sight, body movements and communication devices.
Recover Laboratory is a small organization, specialized in site-specific and immersive art works. We have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations fast. This is why we see it as our duty to bring art to this time, and not only during times of happiness and peace of mind. Art is not a luxury good, that is only available when times are OK. It has an important part to play in society, which obligates it to find new ways of action also in times of a crisis.
We provide a feeling of being seen and heard for both the audience and the artists. We employ artists who have lost a lot of their working opportunities in the wake of the pandemic. We utilize our strong expertise of site-specific working and immersive art in a way that this situation requires. This performance is a joyful reminder to the public that life goes on and art is forever important. It helps us carry on. The small scenes get entwined together on this surreal evening walk, where the familiar city all of a sudden offers something more, and presents itself in a new light, opening up new pathways in one’s mind.
Our previous experimental performances have always been based on contact, encountering humanity, listening, and being seen. We provide real human connection in the freedom provided by art. One of our important themes is the very humane need to be seen by others, a certain sense of community. This can be seen in the comments we have received of our performances: “ Above all the experience was something that I did not know I had been missing. I felt strangely good to be seen, to be engaged in a silent and gentle interaction with a stranger. The need to be seen, and on the other hand the fear of it, must be something that is built into our very core.”
We believe that this humane connection, that our art provides, is very much needed in the current situation.
15.5. starting at 7 pm
16.5. starting at 7 pm
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The artwork is designed by Recover Laboratory’s Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka and Inna Huttunen. We are proud to announce that the main partner in this artwork is Kaiken Keskus - The Center for Everything , and one of Finland’s most renowned professionals of immersive theatre, Samee Haapa (Sami Henrik Haapala), is the outsider eye and an adviser of the artwork! The Recover Crew for the performance are: Aleksi Kinnunen, Anna Pesonen, Anna Valpuri Kankila, Annemari Kiviniemi, Hedda Liukkala, Eeva Lietonen, Iida-Liina Linnea, Janne Masalin, Jenny Mansikkasalo, Lauri Kallio, Miina Penttinen, and Samuli Kivelä.
We want to open a discussion about performing arts during this time of crisis. The Center for Everything organises a discussion about "Performing arts during pandemic", and we are invited as guests. The first discussion will be in Finnish, but we are also working on an international one. You can jump in on Zoom or Facebook Live, and hear more about our thoughts behind this artwork, and about responsible ways to work in this time!
You can find the event here!
What about COVID-19 and safety?
Responsible working and safety are very important to us. All participants will receive safety instructions and they will commit to those. You can find our FAQ here .
Kaiken Keskus - The Center For Everything

See you soon in Kallio!