On stage // Electronic drums & Hoop
The space falls quietly into soft darkness, as the gliding movement and the harmonious electronic music adjust themselves smoothly to each other.
BALANCE is two performers on a stage, creating a tranquil exchange that escalates slowly into a harmonious climax. The performers make use of sensory percussion drum technology and one single hoop. Sound and movement fulfil each other into an equilibrium; whereas movement is conducted within the boundaries of the body and the equipment, sound can travel anywhere in the space. Through this, we search a total harmony between performers.
Performers: Aleksi Kinnunen. Miradonna Sirkka
Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Technical info
Duration 10 minutes
Equipments One hula hoop, electronic drum set
Sound P.A. system is required. The P.A. should be a high quality one with sufficient power to supply a clean, undistorted sound.
Audience Frontal public. Not interactive. All ages. No participant limit.
Location Indoor. Should be one that can be darkened totally.
Space Minimum 6 x 6 meters wide and 2,5 meters high
Floor Hard, stable, clean, dry surface
Preparation 1 hour, 20 minutes to take down
Other Space for warming up