Here you can find all the shows and art experiences which we are currently performing, or which can be booked to your event. Click on the image to see the descriptions. We have performances for traditional stages, for kids, custom experiences just for your event, and an annual big production: the labyrinth.
Our main discipline and the core of Recover Laboratory is a multisensory and immersive art labyrinth. It is an interdisciplinary production, born in the steamy crossroads of contemporary art and contemporary circus. The site-specific labyrinth is done annually in new spaces, always as a new individual production, often under the ground. It is designed to draw the viewer’s thoughts into the deep unknown. It is a personal experience where every viewer can submerge themselves in their own desired way. An absurd surrealism hangs over the artwork.
We are not currently performing the labyrinth, but it can be rebuilt anytime. Have a look at the previous labyrinths on the Past productions page.
Recover Laboratory on Stage
“On Stage” is a wide selection of multi-disciplinary performances with convenient set-up, suitable for many different performance spaces and events. These artworks can be performed on traditional stages or similar spaces, some both indoors and outdoors.
12 min hoop manipulation and drum performance directed by a visual artist.
Needs 4x4m in size and 2,5 m high space indoors or outdoors
12 min pole dance and video art performance. 3x3m in size and 3 m high space indoors, which can be darkened.
A sculpture installation made out of duct tape and cardboard boxes, that is trashed with aerial acrobatics and a drum performance.
Needs 30 m2 or a bigger space indoors with aerial rigging.
10 min hoop and drum performance directed by a visual artist. Minimum 6 x 6 m large and 2,5m high indoor space which can be darkened totally.
10 min hoop performance with chocolate.
Minimum 3 x 3m large and 2,5m high, warm indoor space. The warmer the better!
One Night Only is a concept designed to kick-start your event and bring your crowd together through a shared experience of individual journeys through a multi-art labyrinth.
Almost any space works – your lobby, hallway, or a stairway corridor. The guests will be let in one by one from 1–3 different doorways, and they can make their way through alone or together. The journey takes about 15 minutes, depending on how much the guests want to engage with the artworks.
For Kids and the young at heart we have an immersive art wonderland. Gentle sculptures, interactive parts, and enchanting music in an underwater atmosphere with a hoop and drums performance.
Almost any space that is at least 4m x 4m in size – a storage, a classroom, a corridor? Anything! Needs to be possible to attach light jellyfish sculptures from the ceiling.
Do you have a cave? A huge, empty cellar? Are you looking for something special for your wedding or anniversary? Are you bored?
You have the space, event, problem or an idea. We bring the art. There is very little we cannot do with our amazing crew and artists.