Past productions
Evening with Recover Laboratory
Evening with Recover Laboratory is an evening filled with art, curated by Recover Laboratory. It can take the form of a club, a party or some other event when the professionals of RecLab take over the space with visual art, circus, music and other forms of art and performance. Absurd surrealism hangs over the evenings.
Resto-Gaala: One Night Only! An evening with Recover Laboratory
Haaga-Helia, Helsinki
Recover Laboratory was hired to create a surreal art-extravaganza to the Restogaala celebration at Haaga-Helia in Helsinki, Finland. The Recover Team conjured up a beautifully surreal, fun and unique art program to the “Baltic Sea” themed event.
Recover Laboratory provided Hedda Liukkala’s cyr wheel performance, straight from the plastic depths of the ocean, along with trash sculptures by Sofi Häkkinen, that looked like they were just washed up on the shore. Anna Kankila hosted the night as a bizarre golden hand-shaker and small-talker, while Samuli Kivelä took care of the event’s soundscape with both interactive music and an energetic live set. The event space was frosted with the elements of Recover Laboratory’s Mönttilaiva, white lump sculptures and abstract jellyfish sculptures floating in the air.
The Bizarre Golden Hand-Shaker Small-Talker: Anna Kankila
Cyr Wheel: Hedda Liukkala
Interactive soundscape & live music: Samuli Kivelä
Installations and sculptures: Sofi Häkkinen
Direction: Miradonna Sirkka
Production: Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory
Escape The Ordinary: An evening with Recover Laboratory
Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki
Escape The Ordinary was a celebration for Katajanokka Hotel to join the Marriot Tribute Portfolio. "Nokka" is a unique hotel where chic design, uncompromised comfort and personal service meet in a historic former prison setting. Recover Laboratory was invited to curate the program for the celebration and filled the house with contemporary circus and music.
Aerial Silk: Jenny Mansikkasalo
Chandelier Contortion: Ramona Reinvall
Cyr Wheel: Hedda Liukkala
Interactive hoop manipulation: Miradonna Sirkka
Jazz band: Samuli Kivelä, Eero Seppä, Aleksi Kinnunen
Neljä ässää: Samuli Kivelä, Riku Nieminen, Aleksi Kinnunen, Mikael Myrskog
Production: Inna Huttunen & Sofi Häkkinen / Recover Laboratory
Baltic Circle/What The Cirk?: An evening with Recover Laboratory
Cirko, Helsinki
Recover Laboratory took over Cirko during the What the Cirk and Baltic Circle Club Night. They filled the voids of the night with music, spirals, boxes, repetitive movement, gliding light and intensive looks. The multi-art extravaganza filled Cirko’s Maneesi and reception bar area with the combined forces of professionals from contemporary circus, art, music, video, theater and coding. Feel the beat, the heat, the crazy love and bizarre fun!
As the night fell and lights shone low, the place was filled with curiosity, interactive sculptures, long glances, sudden meetings, and strange contact with the heartbreakingly lovely, and increasingly weird Recover Laboratory beings.
Nora Rose & Samuli Kivelä
Black Volvo
Riku Nieminen
Annemari Kiviniemi & Sofi Häkkinen: I Strip Myself of Binary
Anna Kankila
Hedda Liukkala
Miradonna Sirkka
Aleksi Kinnunen
Emmi Myrskog
Martta Jylhä
An evening of art and music, curated by Recover Laboratory and Iinu Torniainen
Helsinki, Mattolaituri (FIN)
Mattolaituri Night of the Arts took over the seaside bar and terrace with a multidisciplinary arts evening, that composed of light, sound, and contemporary circus. The evening combined professionals from different fields of art with high quality technical elements that came together as a unique experience in the dusk of an August evening.
DJ’s: Riku Nieminen, Jenny Om
Live music: Samuli Kivelä solo, Serot
Performances: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen

Light Design: Sofi Häkkinen in collaboration with Sini Tiihonen from Sun Effects