Here you can see some of our commissioned works. We are happy to create experiential and immersive performances and art installations for different events.
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NIGHT GAMES at the Escape Train
InterCity 256: Helsinki – Rovaniemi (FIN)
The Escape Train was the first ever immersive theater / escape game experience on a moving train; a 13 hour and almost 1000 km ride from Helsinki to Rovaniemi in Finland. Created by InsideOut Escape Games, TWBA, VR and Nordisk Film with rights from 20th Century Fox for the movie Orient Express. Recover Laboratory provided an immersive night experience in the wee hours of the morning in the surreal corridors of the sleeper car.
The Escape train gained wide global visibility. Well known media channels around the world, like The Sunday Times and Lonely Planet reported about the event. Lonely Planet recommended Poirot fans to travel to Finland for this one-off experience, and the most widely spread newspaper in Britain, The Sunday Times, listed the Escape train as one of the hottest travel experiences of the week. Also Agatha Christie official Facebook site featured the experience on her official Facebook site. Meanwhile all the Finnish main tabloids ( HS, IS ) and their social media channels were following train process keenly.
Whole 13 hour Escape Train experience was broadcasted live via Facebook by industry leading professionals from DNA Networks and VR. The whole experience was manipulated by viewer votes transforming the viewers to active participants. Escape train got more viewers than any national web-tv show or the actual movie itself reaching over 40 000 000 impressions.
Recover Laboratory’s Inna Huttunen, who was also the experience designer of the production was invited as a keynote speaker to Up the Game - The Future of Experiences -conference in Netherlands with Agnes Kaszas from InsideOut Productions.
Performers: Onni Pirkola, Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen, Ramona Reinvall
Production and experience design: Inna Huttunen
Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen
Set up: Sofi Häkkinen, Inna Huttunen, Anna Pesonen
Game Design: Inna Huttunen, Agnes Kaszas, Sofi Häkkinen
Costume Design: Krista Virtanen, Sofi Häkkinen
Commissioned work for Halloween event
Helsinki, Kellohalli (FIN)
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Samuli Kivelä, Iida-Liina Linnea, Aleksi Kinnunen, Hedda Liukkala
Technician: Mika Jokela

Thank you: Afterdark Helsinki, Teurastamo
Commissioned scenes for an immersive launch party
Mothership of Work, Stargate, Helsinki (FIN)
InsideOut Productions filled MOW Stargate Opening Party: MOWtopia with "Astria Porta" – an unforeseen combination of immersive theatre, escape games, art and technology. Stargate allowed the main characters to visit parallel dimensions and travel intergalactic distances where the secret of future is stored.
Recover Laboratory brought in a hoop manipulation performance and an interactive drumming performance.
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen
Game design and production: Inna Huttunen
Commissioned installation
Helsinki, Konepajan Bruno (FIN)
The artwork filled the space of the dance floor in a ghostly underwater world, partly as a homage to the underground aspect of techno. Long tentacles or squid legs fell all the way down to the floor for party goes to move and dance with them and even pop the bubbles of the bubble wrap that is used as material; the installation comes to life ultimately as people move in it, creating an interactive way of breaking the ice and relieving possible tensions pop by pop.
Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen
Production: Inna Huttunen