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Immersive performance at a rap concert 23.2.2019, Jyväskylä
Recover Laboratory's beings joined Finnish award-winning rapper Pyhimys on his cross-artistic concert tour. Check out the Facebook event here.
Anna Kankila
Iida-Liina Linnea
Miina Penttinen
Ramona Reinvall
Tove Ström
Helinä Kumpulainen
Hedda Liukkala
Inna Huttunen
Sofi Häkkinen
Site-specific art exhibition under the ground, Helsinki
"EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT is an art exhibition where I asked the artists for works that they felt deal with humanity and being a human. The idea was to build a site-specific exhibition into the 1m x 1m cubicles that take up two corridors in the underground shelter - each work has their own space. The works are sculptures, installations, paintings, sound art, and videos. All of them address the theme in their own curious way, lurking behind the closed doors of their small cubicles in the underground heart of the air-raid shelter. I see the works as breathing, golden lumps that sparkle in the dimly lit, dusty corridors of our brains. They mirror the core of what being a human in this world right now is. They lay down there, quietly waiting, hidden deep inside, sheltered - but very vibrant, poignant and alive." Sofi Häkkinen, 2.1.2019
The exhibition was curated by Sofi Häkkinen, visual artist and co-director of Recover Laboratory. A part of the exhibition was shown during the group's immersive performance "Underneath" in the fall-winter of 2018 in the air-raid shelter. This is the first art exhibition that Recover Laboratory has hosted.
Hinni Huttunen
Aino Autere
Anssi 8000
Hanna Vihriälä
Jesse Avdeikov
Anna Pesonen
Sandra Schneider
Liisa Tarleena Öhman
Pekka Jylhä
Tuomas Lehtomaa
Johanna Naukkarinen
Anna Björklund
Eeva Lietonen
Joni Kärkkäinen
Jere Kilpinen
Teemu Keisteri
Leda Vaneva
Thank you for your collaboration / Kiitos yhteistyöstä: Helsingin kaupungin pelastuslaitos, Sokanen Oy, Sirkusinfo / Nuora Mentors & Kulttuurisoppa
Helsinki, Under the ground
A metallic cube stands alone in the middle of a park. You open one of its heavy doors, and as you step inside, a soft breath of misty air surrounds you. You walk down the stairs. On the hundredth step it really starts to feel like you are deep under the ground. Your breath evaporates in the dimly lit rooms. A curious creature squirms in the ceiling. Sometimes the light is bright, sometimes low. You turn a corner, and meet tender eyes; a soft touch; slow motion, and speeding time. You have entered the labyrinth.
Underneath, a new art experience by Recover Laboratory, invited you to come under the ground and into yourself. It was an unforgettable, absurd journey to all things humane and being a human, set in a public shelter in Meilahti, Helsinki. Here, you could escape the heavy weight of reality into a parallel dimension, underneath everything.
The artwork took the form of a labyrinth under the ground. It is filled with art, circus, theater, sound, light, video, music and anything else. All the individual artworks came together underneath the ground and underneath the skin, and create an ever-expanding holistic world, where everything is important. You can look, you can join, you can touch, you can feel, examine or withdraw.
Everyone enters alone. Only this exact moment exists, and alongside it an eternal fascination.
Underneath was created in a public shelter in Meilahti, in collaboration with the Rescue Department of Helsinki. The space, mined into bedrock, is used a shelter in case of an emergency for the people living in the area. Now, it transformed into a shelter for the Recover Laboratory Beings, who lived in their strange freedom and their strange world inside the cave for a few months in the winter of 2018.
1200 people experienced Underneath during the three month performance period.
Direction and artistic direction: Miradonna Sirkka and Sofi Häkkinen
Production and experience design: Inna Huttunen

Iida-Liina Linnea
Emmi Myrskog
Anna Kankila
Aleksi Kinnunen
Samuli Kivelä
Hedda Liukkala
Riku Nieminen
Anna Pesonen

Production assistant: Emmi Myrskog
Sound design: Samuli Kivelä, Aleksi Kinnunen
Set and technical crew: Sofi Häkkinen, Inna Huttunen, Anna Pesonen, Mia Rantavaara, Martta Jylhä
Photos and videos: Iida-Liina Linnea, Aleksi Hornborg
Baltic Circle/What The Cirk?: An evening with Recover Laboratory
Cirko, Helsinki
Recover Laboratory took over Cirko during the What the Cirk and Baltic Circle Club Night. They filled the voids of the night with music, spirals, boxes, repetitive movement, gliding light and intensive looks. The multi-art extravaganza filled Cirko’s Maneesi and reception bar area with the combined forces of professionals from contemporary circus, art, music, video, theater and coding. Feel the beat, the heat, the crazy love and bizarre fun!
Nora Rose & Samuli Kivelä
DJ Black Volvo
Riku Nieminen
Annemari Kiviniemi & Sofi Häkkinen: I Strip Myself of Binary
As the night fell and lights shone low, an absurd surrealism hanged over Cirko's venue Maneesi. In the night the place was filled with curiosity, interactive sculptures, long looks, sudden meetings and strange contact with the heartbreakingly lovely and increasingly weird Recover Laboratory beings:
Anna Kankila
Hedda Liukkala
Miradonna Sirkka
Aleksi Kinnunen
Emmi Myrskog
Martta Jylhä
Augmented Fiction: A Journey between realities
An immersive collaboration for Helsinki Design Week
Hotel Katajanokka, Church
In the telematic and cyberspace, where our eyesight, hearing, sense of touch and sound mechanisms are activated by our receptors, we can go beyond the limits of our own body. There we can encounter visual systems developed beyond the horizon of our reality and explore the crossings between the virtual and the physical world. Augmented Reality provides a technology that makes it possible for us to build and display parallel planes of reality.
This very special edition of the immersive installation was a Hungarian-Finnish collaboration with Implausible Works, InsideOut Productions, Recover Laboratory and the Let it Be Art! agency.
The visitors were invited to create their own journey through the screens of your smartphones and all the senses when the augmented reality installation was brought to this reality with immersive theatre, circus art, sculpturing and gamification methods.
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Hedda Liukkala, Iida-Liina Linnea
AR installation: Implausible Works
Production and experience design: Inna Huttunen, InsideOut Productions, Let it Be Art! Agency
NIGHT GAMES at the Escape Train
InterCity 256: Helsinki – Rovaniemi (FIN)
The Escape Train was the first ever immersive theater / escape game experience on a moving train; a 13 hour and almost 1000 km ride from Helsinki to Rovaniemi in Finland. Created by InsideOut Escape Games, TWBA, VR and Nordisk Film with rights from 20th Century Fox for the movie Orient Express. Recover Laboratory provided an immersive night experience in the wee hours of the morning in the surreal corridors of the sleeper car.
The Escape train gained wide global visibility. Well known media channels around the world, like The Sunday Times and Lonely Planet reported about the event. Lonely Planet recommended Poirot fans to travel to Finland for this one-off experience, and the most widely spread newspaper in Britain, The Sunday Times, listed the Escape train as one of the hottest travel experiences of the week. Also Agatha Christie official Facebook site featured the experience on her official Facebook site. Meanwhile all the Finnish main tabloids ( HS, IS ) and their social media channels were following train process keenly.
Whole 13 hour Escape Train experience was broadcasted live via Facebook by industry leading professionals from DNA Networks and VR. The whole experience was manipulated by viewer votes transforming the viewers to active participants. Escape train got more viewers than any national web-tv show or the actual movie itself reaching over 40 000 000 impressions.
Recover Laboratory’s Inna Huttunen, who was also the experience designer of the production was invited as a keynote speaker to Up the Game - The Future of Experiences -conference in Netherlands with Agnes Kaszas from InsideOut Productions.
Performers: Onni Pirkola, Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen, Ramona Reinvall
Production and experience design: Inna Huttunen
Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen
Set up: Sofi Häkkinen, Inna Huttunen, Anna Pesonen
Game Design: Inna Huttunen, Agnes Kaszas, Sofi Häkkinen
Costume Design: Krista Virtanen, Sofi Häkkinen
(Suomenlinna adaptation)
Helsinki, Suomenlinna (FIN)
Viaporin Kekri 4.–5.11.2017
//// Spleen (french) is the melancholy of a modern (privileged) human; a collective and simultaneously excruciatingly private feeling. It is a form of boredom, sorrow, detachment, helplessness and insignificance; parallel to an ongoing, permanent, personal catastrophe. It is grey and deep blue, almost black but never quite. ////
Recover Laboratory's Joy of Spleen was an immersive live-installation, a ritual-like performance flowing into the tunnels of Suomenlinna Castle Island.
It was inspired by Baudelaire’s melancholy poetics of spleen, spreading into the tunnels of Suomenlinna as pathways, covered in various kinds of artworks, circus and art performances, video, immersive installations, light and live sound lead and mislead the audience towards the center of spleen.
And in the center, there is stillness.
Read more at Kulttuurikuuri blog . (in Finnish)
Written by: Sofi Häkkinen & Riku Nieminen
Direction: Miradonna Sirkka
Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen
Production & Experience Management: Inna Huttunen
Performers: Hedda Liukkala, Iida-Liina Linnea, Aleksi Kinnunen, Samuli Kivelä, Miradonna Sirkka, Anna Kankila, Riku Nieminen

Set Crew & Technical Execution: Sofi Häkkinen, Anna Pesonen, Inna Huttunen
Video Design: Sofi Häkkinen
Light Design: Sofi Häkkinen, Inna Huttunen
Sound Design: Samuli Kivelä, Aleksi Kinnunen, Mika Jokela
Costume Design: Hanna Herva

Special Thanks: Paula Lappalainen / Suomenlinnan hoitokunta, Violeta Salonen, Nhi Cao, Mella Pesonen, Ella Sinisalo, Henna, Elvia Sultana, Satu Anonen, Marika Zinchenko, Maria Salonen, ,Anna Suonsyrjä, Aarne Saarinen, Rapa Ripa, Jonne Harja, Eva Korhonen, Sirkuksen tiedotuskeskus, Agnes Kaszas / InsideOut Escape Games, Pasi Warsell / Cirko - Uuden sirkuksen keskus, Ropsi, Jaakko Törmänen, Bright Finland, K-rauta, Ville Hakulinen, Mika Jokela, Suomen Puolustusvoimat
An experience, that even a week later still leaves you partly wordless. I was surprised about the magnitude of the sensations that the performance evoked. I was relaxed, forgot about the outside world, and truly got absorbed in the absurd world of the performance.
A blogger,
I left the experience in an altered state of consciousness than when I entered. Really powerful!
A viewer
Commissioned work for Halloween event
Helsinki, Kellohalli (FIN)
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Samuli Kivelä, Iida-Liina Linnea, Aleksi Kinnunen, Hedda Liukkala
Technician: Mika Jokela

Thank you: Afterdark Helsinki, Teurastamo
World premiere
Stockholm, Kummelholmen (SE)
Stockholm Fringe Festival 6.–9.9.2017
//// Spleen (french) is the melancholy of a modern (privileged) human; a collective and simultaneously excruciatingly private feeling. It is a form of boredom, sorrow, detachment, helplessness and insignificance; parallel to an ongoing, permanent, personal catastrophe. It is grey and deep blue, almost black but never quite. ////
The first international Recover show had its premier in an old heating factory in Sweden during Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017. The show was nominated for the Grand Prix out of 100 performances from 32 countries. The wild and ambitious attitude of the crew resulted in the group being awarded for their Festival Spirit.
Written by: Sofi Häkkinen
Direction and Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen & Miradonna Sirkka
Production & Experience Management: Inna Huttunen

Performers: Hedda Liukkala, Iida-Liina Linnea, Aleksi Kinnunen, Samuli Kivelä, Miradonna Sirkka, Mika Jokela

Set Crew & Technical Execution: Sofi Häkkinen, Anna Pesonen, Mika Jokela, Mia Rantavaara, Inna Huttunen
Visiting Video Artist: Hinni Huttunen
Video Design: Anna Björklund, Sofi Häkkinen
Light Design: Mika Jokela, Sofi Häkkinen, Anna Pesonen, Inna Huttunen
Sound Design: Samuli Kivelä, Aleksi Kinnunen, Mika Jokela, Jaakko Törmänen
Costume Design: Hanna Herva

Very Special thanks to: Åbo Svenska Teatern, Cirko - Uuden sirkuksen keskus, Sirkusinfo, Finlands Institutet, Serot, Materialshop, Viking Line, InsideOut Escape Games, Mattolaituri, Anni Metsälehto, Iinu Torniainen, Annemari Kiviniemi, Pasi Warsell, Ropsi, Jaakko Törmänen, Onni Boi, Maiju Saarimaa, Riku Nieminen, Jenny ja Jimi, Anna Björklund, Heidi Hellsten, Thelma, Jukka Häkkinen, Ville Hakulinen, STOFF2017, Kummelholmen: Jan Watteus & Thorbjörn Johansson, Orion Theatre, Kungliga Konsthögskolan
I hope you somehow know what you did to me. I will never forget this experience.
Jury member, Stockholm Fringe Festival
You are exactly the kind of people, why we wanted to make this festival happen.
Organizer, Stockholm Fringe Festival
An evening of art and music, curated by Recover Laboratory and Iinu Torniainen
Helsinki, Mattolaituri (FIN)
Mattolaituri Night of Arts took over the seaside bar and terrace with a multidisciplinary arts evening, that composed of light, sound, and contemporary circus. The evening combined professionals from different fields of art with high quality technical elements that came together as a unique experience in the dusk of an August evening.
DJ’s: Riku Nieminen, Jenny Om
Live music: Samuli Kivelä solo, Serot
Performances: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen

Light Design: Sofi Häkkinen in collaboration with Sini Tiihonen from Sun Effects
Commissioned scenes for an immersive launch party
Mothership of Work, Stargate, Helsinki (FIN)
InsideOut Productions filled MOW Stargate Opening Party: MOWtopia with "Astria Porta" – an unforeseen combination of immersive theatre, escape games, art and technology. Stargate allowed the main characters to visit parallel dimensions and travel intergalactic distances where the secret of future is stored.
Recover Laboratory brought in a hoop manipulation performance and an interactive drumming performance.
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen
Game design and production: Inna Huttunen
Commissioned installation
Helsinki, Konepajan Bruno (FIN)
The artwork filled the space of the dance floor in a ghostly underwater world, partly as a homage to the underground aspect of techno. Long tentacles or squid legs fell all the way down to the floor for party goes to move and dance with them and even pop the bubbles of the bubble wrap that is used as material; the installation comes to life ultimately as people move in it, creating an interactive way of breaking the ice and relieving possible tensions pop by pop.
Artistic Direction: Sofi Häkkinen
Production: Inna Huttunen
Helsinki, Cirko (FIN)
Helsinki Decompression 3.–4.12.2016
In the artist Anna's words: "Recover Laboratory – Love Edition is a true bundle of joy. It is the embodiment of love and safety; a state that we can no longer get back to. Love Edition is a re-make of another world on this Earth that is purely safe; where no thought of worry exists (or where thoughts might not exist, even). A place for the happily ignorant, but with a true presence. A place for growth and restoration. The human womb.
We are born from the act of love or lust (or both). Floating for months on end in a warm quiet sanctum, growing and prospering. After our conscious minds and material bodies become too big for our little home, we venture into the world. As the cold hard world takes us into its arms, and moulds us into unrecognisable shapes, we might be left licking our wounds. It’s time to be re-born. Recover Laboratory – Love Edition will take you into its warm loving shelter, where you can take a minute to rebuild yourself and when you are ready, exit into the world again – anew, recovered and stronger."
Created by Anna Björklund
with Inna Huttunen, Hundu, Miradonna Sirkka, Anna Kankila
Helsinki, Suomenlinna (FIN)
Viaporin Kekri, 5.11.2016
Recover Laboratory X Suomenlinna consisted of Creutz Edition and Riffle Edition.
The Creutz Edition slithered in the tunnels of Caponier Blomcreutz. It was a holistic labyrinth combining contemporary art and circus - a search for the essence of freedom. The constant, continuous movement of the performance created a story of the conflict of freedom and imprisonment strengthening the experience of the underground. The Riffle Edition was located in the old Riffle Gallery. It was an interactive audiovisual installation. Drawing from the essence of individual as a part of bigger entirety, it invites the guest to leave their mark in the interactive artwork.
Director: Miradonna Sirkka
Artistic Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Producer: Inna Huttunen

Video Design: Anna Björklund Visiting artist: Jesse Avdeikov
Sound & Light: Jaakko Törmänen, Sofi Häkkinen, Otto Mikkonen
Costume Design: Hanna Herva
Performers: Anna Kankila, Ilkka Virkkunen, Ramona Reinvall, Miradonna Sirkka, Hundu
Director: Miradonna Sirkka
Artistic Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Producer: Inna Huttunen

Video & Light Design: Anna Björklund, Inna Huttunen, Sofi Häkkinen

Music & performer: Samuli Kivelä

Thank You: Katja Meriläinen, Cao Nhi, Ta Thi Kanh Chi, Mt Abu Hanif, Riikka Ojala, Jukka Ahonlehti, Hanna Herva, Jaakko Törmänen, Mia Rantavaara, Lauri Vanhatalo, Henri Honkanen, Pyry Arkimaa, Jesse Avdeikov, Otto Mikkonen, Hanna Herva
Helsinki, Viikinmäki Waste Water Treatment Plant (FIN)
Now, as the doors close behind you, you might realize being here in this conscious entirety all by yourself. You are one of the many strangers taking this path. From a certain point of view we are all strangers on this planet. As lucky and appreciative creatures, we have the freedom of thinking. Freedom to think and understand our choices. We don’t know why we are here, what we are here for or how long we are going to be here. We can still find ways to enjoy our short insignificant lives. From the very beginning of our lives we are facing restrictions and rules, that the other strangers have made up for us. We are here to break this construct. By changing the perspective we might notice that our most natural instincts are suppressed in the name of morals and laws. In our minds we have to build shelters to survive in this net of rules and laws to protect our free minds and souls. Shelters made of predetermined routine and loneliness when surrounded by people. Now you have the freedom to let go. Here you, we, all of us are alone. To understand why we are.
Read more at Helsingin Uutiset (in Finnish), (in Finnish), or at Lights & Music blog (in Finnish).
Director: Miradonna Sirkka
Artistic Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Production: Miradonna Sirkka & Sofi Häkkinen

Light Design: Alina Pajula
Sound Design: Jaakko Törmänen, Samuli Kivelä & Otto Mikkonen
Video Design: Anna Björklund & Anna-Mari Nousiainen
Costume Design: Hanna Herva.

Performers: Anna Valpuri Kankila, Hedda Liukkala, Miradonna Sirkka, Ilkka Virkkunen, Pauliina Toivio, Maiju Saarimaa & Miikka Kauppinen, Heidi Miikki & Jenny Mansikkasalo, Alina Pajula, Inna Huttunen, Sofi Häkkinen, Ramona Reinvall, Annemari Kiviniemi, Sonja Silvander, Myrsky Rönkä

In collaboration with: Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut - kuntayhtymä HSY
Special thanks to: Suomen kulttuurirahasto, Taike, Åbo Svenska Teatern, Teatterikorkeakoulu, Sonic Pump Studios,, Woods Helsinki, Sirkus Unioni, Woltti sirkus, Anni Metsälehto, Inna Huttunen, Annemari Kiviniemi, Mia Rantavaara, Outi Heikkinen, Anna Pesonen, Sara Vertanen, Sara Mörö, Iida-Liina Linnea, Mika Alatalo, Lauri Vanhatalo, Jarkko Laaksonen, Mika Jokela
Even though I felt first reserved, this was by far the best promenade show I have seen in Helsinki
Light & music -blogger at
Recover Laboratory is a show of an international level, and very unique for many reasons.
Turku, Waste Water Treatment Plant of Kakolanmäki (FIN)
This was the second edition of Recover Laboratory - an experiental contemporary circus and art performance. It was held in May 2015 in the water treatment plant of the city Turku in Finland. The series of performances took place in an underground cave complex of the water treatment plant beneath the river Aura. Ten separate shows were organised, and each evening of the performance was sold out.
Director: Miradonna Sirkka
Artistic Director: Sofi Häkkinen
Producer: Emilia Hiltunen

Sound Design: Otto Mikkonen
Video Design: Anna Björklund & Sofi Häkkinen
Light Engineering: Visa Niemelä

Performers: Pauliina Toivio, Ramona Reinvall, Ilkka Virkkunen, Myrsky Rönkä, Heidi Miikki, Lida Kuusisto

In collaboration with: Turku Waste Water Treatment Plant, Kakolanmäki, and staff
Special thanks to: Åbo Svenska Teatern, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu, Stadin ammattiopisto,Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu
Turku, Köysiteatteri (FIN)
The first ever done Recover Laboratory labyrinth, where the journey started.
Direction, script, and everything else: Miradonna Sirkka
Performers: Pauliina Toivio, Nina Ervasti, Myrsky Rönkä, Maiju Saarimaa, Ilkka Virkkunen, Nea Kolehmainen
Music: Otto Mikkonen
Set construction: Pinja Junninen

Thank you: Lauri Tuhkanen, Hedda Liukkala, Ville Saarikoski, Emilia Hiltunen