Recover Laboratory is a Finnish multi-art company led by Miradonna Sirkka, Sofi Häkkinen and Inna Huttunen. We ask you to stop for a while, and experience art fully in your own way. We create surreal artworks born in the steamy crossroads of contemporary circus, contemporary art and experience design - and further mixed with other forms of art.
We are based in Helsinki. We produce grande labyrinths in extraordinary spaces, multidisciplinary performances with convenient set-up, interactive art environments for children, holistic event concepts and customised content for all events. We also have artworks for black boxes and theaters, and we can turn any space into an immersive art experience, waking up your empty rooms. All spaces, even the weirdest ones, are close to our hearts.
In our artistic practice, we build frameworks where we – along with the audience – can explore the world and being in the world. We stand for equality. The reason behind our artworks is honesty; connecting with people in the freedom provided by art. We stand for freedom of interpretation – for both the artist and the audience. Anything is possible in our spaces, just like everything is possible in an ordinary day. We see the extraordinary in nothingness. Here the freedom is yours.
The Recover Family, led by the interdisciplinary trio, consists of carefully selected professionals from different fields, including but not limited to, contemporary circus, visual art, performance art, music, dance, stage design, game and experience design.
Read more about us here , check out our current productions here and learn about our previous productions here!
The premiere of 100 000 000 % has been moved to 2021 due to the COVID-19 - pandemic.
100 000 000 % an hour long reality show for hoops and drums directed by Sofi Häkkinen and performed by Miradonna Sirkka and Aleksi Kinnunen. 100 000 000 % is the first full-length stage performance by Recover Laboratory. It will premiere in summer 2021. Read more about the show here.
EVENING WALK - a covid-responsible art walk
We wanteded to give people some joy, hope, distant contact and art, during the time of crisis. We brought Recover Laboratory’s beloved immersive labyrinth into the daylight and into the city! In this site-specific performance, audience walked the route alone with the help of a map, encountering performances in the public space. The artwork is designed so that the regulations of physical distancing are adhered to and it can be realized in any city.
Read more about the performance here!
Recover Laboratory joined the award-winning Finnish rapper Pyhimys on his cross-artistic concert tour around the biggest concert halls and festivals in Finland. Check out below the edit of the performances at Flow Festival, Tampere-talo and Paviljonki. Read more here.
Underneath, an immersive art labyrinth was performed 29 times during autumn 2018 in an air raid shelter in Helsinki Finland. The audience stepped inside the artwork alone. It was an unforgettable, surreal journey to all things humane and being a human. Here, you could escape the heavy weight of reality into a parallel dimension, underneath everything. Check out below a video compilation from Under the Ground.
In addition to these we have produced numerous labyrinths, performances, events, art installations and stage shows. Read more about our past productions here!
I hope you somehow know what you did to me. I will never forget this experience.
A member of the jury, Stockholm Fringe Festival
Recover Laboratory is feelings that maybe you didn’t even know existed inside you. Things you might be scared of, things you grieve, or are glad about. It is your own decision.
A viewer
An experience, that even a week later still leaves you partly wordless. I was surprised about the magnitude of the sensations that the performance evoked. I was relaxed, forgot about the outside world, and truly got absorbed in the absurd world of the performance.
Above all, the encounter was something that I did not know I had been missing. It felt oddly good to be seen, and to be in a silent interaction safely with an unknown person. The need to be seen – and on the other hand the fear of being seen – is probably built-in into humane characteristics.