Fancy an unforgettable evening filled with sparkles in your taste buds, VIP style transportation, and an immersive performance like you’ve never experienced before?
This is for you. Welcome to enjoy a lovely dinner at Korjaamo and step into a labyrinth in Recover Laboratory: Underneath.
Come enjoy an extra special three course dinner menu at Korjaamo, made especially for and in collaboration with Recover Laboratory. After dinner someone, some creature, will come get you from the restaurant and take you to the underground public shelter in a private car. The journey will not be what you expect. And neither will the one you will embark on afterwards, when it is your time to go Underneath the ground.
This Dinner & Show package is perfect for groups, couples, small parties - you name it. Book now and be prepared for a night that is a concert of all senses!
Surprise Menu
Soft and crunchy starters.

A spiraling, black main course.

Slippery and foaming dessert.
Underneath is Recover Laboratory’s new immersive performance. The experiential, labyrinth-like show takes place under the ground in a public shelter under Valpurinpuisto in Meilahti. Every audience member enters the cave one by one, and you can take part in the performance in your desired way - or just walk through the show as a spectator. Under the ground you will meet contemporary circus, performances, art, music, sound, light, video - and yourself. Welcome on a journey Underneath, into the core of being human. You have entered the labyrinth.
Price: 69€ (incl. vat)
Includes 3 course dinner, special transportation to the show and tickets to Underneath. Drinks are ordered on spot separately.
Dinner at Culture Factory Korjaamo , Töölönkatu 51 A-B, Helsinki. Transportation to Underneath, Valpurinpuisto, Meilahti.
Booking / More info:
Book yours at hello@recoverlaboratory.com or 0407449133.

Bookings latest one week before the date.

Let us know which day you would like to have the package, how many of you is it and would you like to have a vegetarian/meat version. You will get a confirmation of your exact time for the dinner and the show as well as more instructions.
Dinner with Recover Laboratory -package is available on these dates:

Fri 19.10. 6pm onwards
Sat 27.10. 6pm onwards
Sun 4.11. 4pm onwards
Sun 11.11. 4pm onwards
Sun 18.11. 4pm onwards
Sun 25.11. 4pm onwards
Welcome down!